The imposition of taxes on services and commodities in various jurisdictions makes it possible for the government to build and improve public infrastructures and general services for the benefit of its people. As guided by specific laws, these taxes are typically assigned in varying percentages and bracket levels depending on the commodity it is levied on, and the financial capacity of the individual or company that is responsible for it. 

These amounts can be confusing for many when trying to determine the exact amount once the taxation period starts, which is why a lot of estimated taxes for employees in companies are withheld for about a year until the actual amount is determined by the end of the tax period, where any excess amount, if applicable, must be returned to the Tax payer once the actual total is paid to the government, while any owed amount must also be settled by the taxpayer within the deadline given. 

Withholding taxes has become the usual practice for many companies as it eliminates the potential burden it may bring to employees once their taxes are determined by the end of the year and the total, which is usually big, reaches an amount that may be very difficult for the employee to settle on his own before the allotted deadline. Moreover, when there is an excess from the withheld amount, which is often the case, it can be a good source of savings for the employee, which is why a lot of individuals see tax returns like an additional bonus given on the first quarter of the year, which they can either add to their bank savings or spend on some investment or any item they have been wanting to buy. 

In many companies, having a Tax Agent is very helpful when declaring income and processing tax returns for their employees, who can also work with accountants during periodic financial assessments so the company can maximize their income tax ever year. Depending on jurisdiction, tax agents often require registration or licenses to practice and render their services for clients that need it. 


Tax agents can also process automatic extensions for their clients when they need more time during the filing period for income taxes. Moreover, they can also represent their clients if they choose to file their taxes online, which is a common convenient option these days as it facilitates faster processing and reduces the need for travelling to tax offices especially in far-off locations. Here’s a good video to watch: